Game of Phones - Card Game

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Game of Phones is a battle of smartphone skills where players try to tap faster, out culture, and think cooler than everyone else.

Players take turns as the judge, reading the top card to the other players and timing them for 1 minute. Players use their device to find the best answer for things like 'Find an amusing place name on a map'. or 'Show the last video you took', or 'Find your highest saved game score'. The judge chooses the winner and gives them the card. The first player to win 10 cards wins.

Game of Phones is the most versatile game you'll find. It's small and easily portable, and can be played anywhere people can use their device and access the web, making it the perfect game to bring anywhere. it comes with a large deck of cards that are fun for families, plus a smaller deck of mature audience cards for after the kids have gone to bed.

Players: 3+
Ages: 18+
Playtime: 15-30 min

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