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Service: Data Backup
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Data Backup

If you do not have an up to date backup at the time of checking in your device for service, a technician will assist with backing up the device to iCloud or a computer prior to repair. In the event that data loss occurs during repair, a technician will then restore the contents of the backup to the device.

Data Migration

A technician will set up your new or replacement device, and migrate all your data from your old device,  iCloud, or a backup made with a computer. After the data migration is completed, the technician will then assist with configuring apps, such as email, and assisting with personalizing settings.

Passcode Removal / Software Reset

A technician will restore your device using a computer. This process will erase all contents and settings from the device which are not previously backed up. You will need to know your Apple ID Password in order to set up the device again. 

Passcode Removal / Software Reset With Restore From Backup

A technician will perform the passcode removal or software reset process as outlined above. After the restore is completed, a technician will then assist you with restoring from either an iCloud backup, transfer content from another device, or assist with restoring from a backup that was previously made on your computer.

Speakers and Ports Cleaning

A technician will first verify the issue using diagnostics testing or visual inspection. A certified technician will professionally clean or remove debris or foreign material from the charging port, headphone port, speakers, or microphones.

Screen Protector Installation (Without Purchase)

Bring your own screen protector, and we will professionally install it for you. A $7.99+tax service fee applies. There is no charge for installation of screen protectors purchased from our location.

Diagnostics Deposit Fee (Out-Of-Warranty)

A $19.99+tax diagnostic deposit will apply upon check-in for repair for out-of-warranty devices. Diagnostic deposits are non-refundable. Diagnostic deposits will be applied directly toward the total cost of your repair.


*Apple does not back these services and is not responsible for issues as a result of these services.

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