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iOttie iON Wireless Qi Charging Pad Black

The iON Wireless Charging Pad provides power to Qi Compatible smartphones without all the unnecessary cords. Charging your device is as easy as setting it down.
Incorporates a Triple coil charging zone that provides a clear and optimal smartphone charge.
A green light indicates you've successfully made contact with the charger. The light will fade after establishing connection.
The Anti-Slip Ring keeps your device in place and provides a clear target for optimal smartphone charging.
  • To power the iON Wireless Charging Pad, plug charging cable directly into wall or surge protector. 
  • Simply place Qi enabled device over the Anti-Slip Ring. LED status light will turn green and then fade away when charging connection has been made
  • Docking insert area compatible with iOttie PowerPack External Battery (Sold Separately).
  • Output: 5W. Will support Qi Standard Charge Rate for both iOS and Android Devices