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Mac Repair - Data Recovery


Won't power on? OS Crashed? 

Bring your Mac in and one of our Apple Certified Mac Technicians will be there to assist you. If your Mac will no longer power on, or you may have forgotten the password, we can assist with retrieving the data from your Mac. In the event that we are unable to retrieve any data, we would offer to send your device to an Apple approved data recovery lab for a free estimate.


Data Retrieval

For most Mac computers, we can remove the Hard Drive or Flash Storage and copy the data to an external storage medium such as a flash drive or external hard drive. In some cases, the storage cannot be removed. In those cases, we would attempt to retrieve the data using specialized tools and equipment which can read the data directly from the main logic board.


Data Transfer

We can also transfer data from a flash drive or external hard drive to a new or repaired Mac. This service is in addition to any retrieval services performed.