PC Repair - Hardware Diagnostics

Diagnostics Service: Software Based
Model: Desktop
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Hard drive failing? Won't turn on?

Bring your PC in and one of our Technicians will be there to assist you. We will diagnose your hardware issue, either by visually inspecting your device, running software based diagnostics tests, or open device testing. We will provide a quote prior to repairing your PC indicating which components require replacement. If you proceed with the quoted repair, there will be no diagnostics fee charged. Diagnostics fees only apply for declined repairs.


Software Based Diagnostics

We will connect your PC with our specialized diagnostics tools to help isolate the hardware issue. We will provide a quick health check of all hardware and software. This diagnostic test can provide information regarding hard drive health, battery health.


Open Device Diagnostics

Some issues require that we open the device to perform internal tests on certain components. Some issues may be resolved after reseating cables or connections within the computer. Other issues such as liquid damage require open device diagnostics to determine the extent of liquid damage present on the internal components. If your PC will not power on, we may need to perform a component isolation test to ensure we are finding the exact part which has failed, providing the lowest possible repair price needed.


Before bringing in for repair

  • Back up your device
  • Bring any chargers and accessories that may be part of the issue

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