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Service: OS Installation
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PC running slow? Email not working?

Bring your PC in and one of our Technicians will be there to assist you. Whether you need help upgrading to the latest operating system or have been infected with a malware infection, we can get you up and running quickly. We know how important your PC is to you, which is why we strive to fix most software related issues while you wait. If the issue is more complex, we may need to check in your device for service.


Restore / Update / Backup

We can restore, update or even backup your PC for you. Re-installation of the operating system will erase any data which is not backed up. Updates generally will preserve your data on the computer, however, there is always the risk of data loss, as with any repair service. We recommend having an up to date backup of your PC prior to service. If you need assistance, we can help get all your important data backed up prior to any troubleshooting or repair.


Software Installation

We know installing new software on your PC can sometimes be not so clear. With everything having digital downloads, online accounts, or software licenses - it can be hard knowing exactly where to navigate. We can assist with installing software such as anti-malware or antivirus programs, Microsoft Office and more.


Other Software Troubleshooting

For all other software troubleshooting, we have an hourly rate of $50/h. We will be happy to assist you with issues such as web pages not loading correctly, difficulty sending or receiving email, or general usage questions.


Before bringing in for repair

  • Back up your device
  • Bring any chargers and accessories that may be part of the issue

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