Pokemon Sun & Moon Steel Sun Theme Deck

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Steel Sun will come with 2x Solgaleo, 2x Cosmoem, 3x Cosmog, 2x Metang, 2x Beldum, 1x Slowbro, 2x Slowpoke, 1x Dhelmise, 1x Oricorio (Pau Style, the pink Psychic), 2x Bewear, 2x Stufful, 1x Swellow, 2x Taillow, 1x Castform, 2x Altar of the Sunne, 1x Big Malasada, 1x Energy Retrieval, 3x Hau, 2x Nest Ball, 2x Professor Kukui, 1x Rescue Stretcher, 2x Switch, 2x Timer Ball, 12x Metal Energy, and 8x Psychic Energy.

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